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About The Director

Academy Award®-winning documentarian Cynthia Wade tells honest and unscripted stories. Get to know the woman behind the camera.


My name is Cynthia Wade and I’m the director of the documentary Heart Felt.


Cynthia Wade
Director of “Heart Felt”


As a documentary filmmaker, what I love the most is taking the invisible and making it visible. High LDL cholesterol is something that you can’t see or feel. It’s silent, it’s invisible for many people, and this film puts a human face on the experience of having high cholesterol.

I really love to tell a story from the inside out. Finding a struggle and really giving voice to it, ripping away confusion, ripping away fear, ripping away shame and allowing people to feel free to tell their personal story.


OK, cut.


Cut. Thanks.


Well if you heard the phrase, “a documentary about cholesterol” that could really sound like…Ughhhh… I’m going to sit in a classroom for 2 hours and someone’s going to lecture me. What’s surprising about the film is that it’s emotional, it’s colorful, it’s personal, it’s different, its fun.

Every city we parachute in to has a different feel, people are facing different challenges and yet the experience is universal, filming somebody running through the streets of London, or filming a rock star preparing for his concert, post heart-attack, in Tokyo, or filming a family in Kansas city, they are unique, distinct environments, and characters and yet they have a shared experience and a shared goal.

These are not superheroes, these are ordinary people who are doing the hard work. They are using the resources and tools around them, they are meeting with their doctors, they are connecting with their family members.

This film will inspire an audience to think, to feel, to connect with loved ones, to open up dialogues.

Come back and watch the full film when it’s released, this summer.

Heart Felt: The Story of Our Global Cholesterol Crisis

Cynthia Wade

Academy Award®-winning documentarian Cynthia Wade has a proven track record of presenting fresh documentary moments that feature people who are both inspired and inspiring.

Cynthia’s gift for discovering and revealing tiny moments is what sets her apart, and in 2008 that gift helped her win Best Documentary (Short Subject) and earned her a second nomination in 2013.

Cynthia has been directing films for over 17 years and has won awards all over the world—from Sundance to Palm Springs, to Spain, Italy, Argentina and Belgium. But above all, she tries to connect with viewers on a personal level, and use her talent to bring a touch of humanity to the big screen.

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